summertime & river is busy…

Good Morning Barbara,PEREGRINE perched on favorite Trestle tree branch

It’s early morning at the ‘Point’ & I am drinking in the view: there is the CASPIAN TERN, standing nonchalantly next to the juv. HEERMAN’S gulls as they scrutinize the ocean. The river mouth is laboring on sandbarring itself so that the annual coastal lagoon can take place. The MERGANSER Mama is resting with her little ones on the shore, the CLIFF SWALLOWS are zooming close to the cliff catching insects, the SONG SPARROW is trilling in the bush and the PEREGRINE is in its favorite trestle tree spot, the Harbor seal splashing in the water and I am lost in river reverie …until I turn towards the Boardwalk stairs and see the overflowing trash cans, piles of garbage bags with gulls and CROWS attacking the inviting breakfast litter. Annoyed by that sight, I leave for my river walk to be greeted by abandoned beach balls, stuck in the tule and rocks, lonely beer bottles trying to decide which way to float, cups and wrappers glued to rocks and I get the message loud and clear: Summer is here and so is the tourist waste.Boardwalk summer trash…
Since I am on the Boardwalk topic: I received a notification about the July 12th Coastal Commission meeting: the City will ask for a permit waiver to construct a berm along the river mouth to prevent the river from intruding onto the Main Beach and obstruct ocean access. Instantly I wondered how that will effect the river flow? Does that means there will be no summer lagoon, is the river going to rise quicker than usual due to this restriction and will that trigger expensive, controlled breaches?seining @ the Riverside Ave. bridge…
Okay! I am excited about the fish news! In the latest San Lorenzo River June seining the biologists captured more healthy fish of all age classes then in their entire history of seining combined. That means the steelhead count is up! More fish details coming soon…
I felt with you when I read that your camera bit the sand, because I know how you enjoy taking photos. The PIED-billed GREBES have been pretty sporadic down here as well as the GREAT BLUE HERON, which is curious, because for the last couple of years we had 2 in residence along the shore. Lately there has been just one RED-breasted Loon resting on the Riverside bridge sandbar. Did the other 2 leave or are they in your stretch? Maybe we traded one winter migrant for an other? Is the lone LOON replacing Mamselle COMMON GOLDENEYE, whose injured wing healed well enough during her river hospital stay to join her compadres for spring migration.

RED-throated LOONS resting ashore…

James Maughn is back and this time with intriguing San Lorenzo Park bridge photos. So take a look plus he has some dynamite river pics like his recently rare river turtle pic, which had us awed.CLIFF SWALLOW parent coaxing fledgling off the ledge…
The river is teaming with young life, bursting out of its feather toddler seams. The 1st badge of CLIFF SWALLOWS fledgling are teetering on the Riverside bridge ledge as their parents try to coax them to jump into flight: they’ll fly close to their offspring with food in beak, the fledglings lean forward to be fed, catch themselves as they almost tumble off and loudly protest their parents food teasing. Then there comes that moment when the annoyed puff balls can’t take it any longer and take the leap of faith that their wings will carry them. They toddle in the air and try to return quickly to the safe ledge. There they sit in amazed stunnedness until the parent arrives with another yummy insect and this time the little ones will take a snappier plunge. Finally the fledglings follow the parents in the air, chirping noisily( and I am sure proudly) announcing their new life phase. In the meantime the goslings are as big as their parents and ready to explore flying, which requires intensive wing flapping along the shore. One gosling manged to get off the ground for a second and flopped back into the sand, recuperating from its surprising air achievement & a peaceful happy 4th of July, jane

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