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Good Morning Dear Nature Comrades,

Nature’s beauty offering: Elderberries

Don’t you just love it when Nature stops you in your tracks because you can’t help but admire her beauty creations? The world around you floats away, your worries quit their mindless blabbering, your schedule crawls to rest on a cloud and the only the present moment exists: allowing Nature to touch your soul with her opus and marvel how she came up with that design…Her pillowy Elderberries had that effect on me, swaying in the breeze, jeweled glitters in morning sun. The snuggled together berries are a welcome omen of fall harvest for migratory and local birds. I share my sparkle bonanza delight with the Warblers, Mockingbirds, Towhees, Waxwings, American Goldfinches ~ although Nature’s beauty nourishes us differently: they enjoy eating it and I feed visually on it.

little Flounder…

The City had opened up the San Lorenzo River mouth, which unfortunately drained quicker than planned. When that happens the City biologists check the drained section for stranded fish that got stuck in the sand. Seeing 2 biologists with their buckets and nets walking slowly underneath the Trestle bridge, I knew what they were doing and my curiosity unleashed itself.
I just had to find out what fish they had saved any plus I love asking them endless questions. So I tagged along, watching them work while they patiently responded to my inquisitiveness. Their fish sleuthing saved a juv. STICKLEBACK, who is related to the pipefish and seahorses. The little fish was not happy to end up in the bucket and then calmed down. Maybe it could sense that it would be released back to its brackish water home. It was very interesting to see Randy scoop up a tiny sand mount, put it in the bucket and discover that it was actually a very small flounder. A petite rock crab was starring at us with a peeved expression, clearly indicating to stay away because it could take care of itself, which was seconded by the biologists. The rock crab will dig into the sand and wait for the next high tide to relocate itself. The drained riverbed had some fascinating, exquisite sand formations that I got lost in a dream world…

tiny Stickleback…

Without a doubt the weekly BEST‘s Sunday achievements have resulted in impressive restoration progress. Kevin’s video shores up my boast by showing us in action. You’ll get a glimpse of why I feel privileged to work side by side with a remarkable group of houseless people, who are the BEST. Every Sunday they show up, ready to work focused, thoughtfully, caring on helping the San Lorenzo River environment heal itself. Of course there is more that makes the BEST special, i.e. their pleased response to vegetation re-growth, being awed by finding a Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar, being proud of freeing a tree from chocking vines, learning to identify bird species, recognizing how their work connects them to Nature’s ‘Thank You’.


After all hadn’t Nature confirmed the BEST mascot choices by placing the GREAT BLUE HERON and the juv. RED-tailed HAWK above them during their discussion and work?

BEST mascot: juv. RED-tailed HAWK…

As you can tell: I am mighty proud of the BEST and I believe wholeheartedly that they deserve a future. So I wonder if you like to share this vision with a kind donation so that the BEST can keep doing their best. Your support is gratefully accepted by Friends of Park Recreation asks you to please click on “Other Programs” and then add a note during checkout that funds are for support of the BEST. Greetings from the river critters and fauna, who thank you for caring via jane

9 thoughts on “sharing river beauty, caring and vision…

    1. Hi Jenn ~ Yes, I too love to see the different river fish species & that is why I follow the biologists w/their buckets around like an eager puppy:)
      Over the years I realized that the river hides many treasures beneath the water surface. Here is to the enjoyment of river discoveries ~ jane

  1. May I post a link to this on Felton League? I do not see an option to reblog; and would not want to reblog it (and deprive someone else of that option) anyway.

    1. Hi Tony, please feel free to share the link w/the Felton League & thanks for asking. Hope the Felton League enjoys the post. Cheers ~ jane

      1. Thank you. I will not write about it, but might mention it. It has been a long time since we have done such projects here. There are not so many to get involved, which, in a way, is a good thing.

    1. Hi Adrienne ~ It’s so nice to read that you enjoyed hearing about the BEST work. It’s my big hope that my words do justice to their hard efforts, which are truly amazing – especially considering their life circumstances!! I am trying to get a video made that gives insight how we work together, how they see the environment & why they like doing restoration work. Thanks for your cheer ~ jane

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