river tales…

Good Morning Dear Nature Enjoyers,

CROWS in autumn tree…

Nature continues transitioning to her fall pace when she wraps her calming veil around her creation, reminding us to slow down and to take it easy. Now the MALLARD and MERGANSER offspring is full grown and the parents can relax. Our 2 MERGANSER families rest together, creating a long string of football shaped bodies along the river shore. The MALLARD families would never dream of such co-mingling. Each family stakes out their resting spot, making sure it’s a safe distance from other families~ no matter what species they are. The JAYS, OAK-TITMICE, CHICKADEES and squirrels are testing one crevice after an other. They are searching for the perfect, safe cache places, which is not easy. The location needs to be steal-proof, because these critters steal ruthlessly from each other. A few days ago an OAK-TITMOUSE had stored a seed in the tree bark. It flew off to a bush in need to unwind from its drudgery. A SCRUB-JAY landed above a branch of the little bird’s winter supply. The OAK-TITMOUSE definitely didn’t trust the JAY! It dashed back to its treasure and tried to pull it out. The problem was that the seed wouldn’t budge, because it had been jammed tightly into the crack. While the hoarder was tugging feverishly on its stash, the JAY hopped closer to the potential freebee. Alas~ the SCRUB-JAY was left empty beaked~ the OAK-TITMOUSE retrieved its seed just in the knick of time and took off in search for a new hiding place.

GREAT BLUE HERON facing plastic trash…

Nature can be so creatively quirky…The other day I was looking at a GREAT BLUE HERON standing in shallow water, surrounded by plastic trash. The sight made me melancholic and 2 days later Nature decided that she should follow up on that message: she had placed a sculpture next to that original sighting that looked like a mummified GREAT BLUE HERON. It turned out to be a tree trunk with algae draped dramatically over it..

Nature’s creativity…

And of course I have to tell you about the wondrous BEST progress in the Benchland riparian corridor. This restricted, sensitive habitat has been cleared of the assorted litter piles, trees and bushes that have been liberated from the chocking vines. The huge holes have been filled in thanks to the campers and Lira, our Shovel Queen. Last Sunday the BEST and Tony Elliot, our Park & Rec. Director, worked hard side-by-side. Afterwards he praised their achievements, which made their eyes shine. It was obvious that his compliments mattered a lot to the houseless BEST. Nature applauds our work as well: the MALLARDS and GREEN HERON returned to the riparian Benchland shoreline. The lizards are sunbathing on the logs. The JUNCOS, BLACK PHOEBES, WILSON’S WARBLER, CHICKADEES quietly forage through the foliage of their regained habitat. And enjoy reading Lira’s caring BEST Guest Commentary: https://www.santacruzsentinel.com/2021/08/26/guest-commentary-new-city-program-brings-healing-along-the-san-lorenzo-river/

Nature Thanks YOU for Voting by/on SEPTEMBER 14th.
Calm River greetings to you all~ jane

5 thoughts on “river tales…

    1. It’s my pleasure to tell you about the SLR & its diverse delights. So glad you enjoy it & hope to see you again down by the river. BTW: We did get quite a few late Mallard ducklings:)


    1. you are so right, Michael! Your Eagle eye nailed it. I had cropped the pic, which actually had more Crows in it. I had taken that pic, because the Crows weren’t mobbing the Hawk. They were all sitting neighborly together in the tree. I love that you caught the non-Crow ~


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