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Good Morning Greetings to you Nature Cuddlers,


In very early mornings~ when the air is still wrapped in its cool night blanket~ the SWALLOWS keep their eyes open for my arrival to water the young native plants. The first SWALLOW will spot me and start circling in my vicinity. Steadily others join until I am surrounded by a good sized flock. It never fails that some daring air zommer aims straight at my head, avoids a crash by pulling up in the last second. It took some time to get used to those nerve wrecking aerobatics! The reason they are happy to see me is that my body exudes heat, which attracts the winged insects, who need the warmed air to fly. Therefore my early morning presence signals to the insect devourers that breakfast snacks are being served. BTW: Since bats are insect eaters as well they share the SWALLOWS’ behavior of profiting from our body heat. So when they dive at dusk at your head they aren’t going to nest in your hair. They are too busy harvesting their insect food that is engulfing you.

Jenn Mahley’s photo of juv. COMMON MERGANSERS resting on San Lorenzo River rocks…

To-day I have the pleasure to introduce to you Jenn Mahley’s blog contribution. She is my neighbor, river compadre and friend. We developed a lively exchange of our bird sightings and I love her Nature curiosity and appreciation. So I am thrilled to share with you her San Lorenzo River experiences: “As I wake up in the morning I’m greeted by cliff swallows soaring outside my window. A mind filled with worry and anxiety deserves a break every now again. I allow myself time to sit and observe, listening to the calming sounds of all the different bird species for which our river provides a perfect habitat.

A mother and juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk call to each other across Ocean View Park. The juvenile perching in several different trees, calling to mom from each, then on the telephone pole, staring intently at the ground. I’m glad the Crows aren’t around to harass them today.

The California Towhees fly from tree to tree, occasionally perching on our rain gutters, moving their heads in every direction — what could they be looking at/thinking about….spiders?

Jenn Mahley’s pic of visiting HOODED ORIOLE….

A female Hooded Oriole flies across my field of view, bobbing up and down through the air with a male following close behind. They stop in the willows for a brief moment then fly back to where they came from.

I’m triggered by a text coming through on my phone and the anxiety starts creeping back in. But before it gets too overwhelming a Great Egret and a shortly after a Great Blue Heron soar overhead and I’m reminded of Jane exclaiming “That means good luck!” I suddenly find myself with a big smile on my face and calmness re-enters.

A charm of House Finches enter the scene, fluttering from tree to tree. Then, a bird I have not seen in this area yet, though I’m sure are frequent visitors — Lesser Goldfinches! What a beautiful song they have….good luck indeed, Jane!

I feel I am one of the lucky ones to be able to find peace in the River Offerings right outside my door. No need to go looking for it in other humans, material things, or mood-altering substances. The only requirement from me is to allow The River to work its magic and remind me that I, along with everyone else, deserve to live in peace and serenity. I hope we are all able to stop, look around, listen, and enjoy the mysteries of the San Lorenzo.” by Jenn Mahley

I have an other treat for you: the Conservation International website. It’s full of engaging environment info., great Nature videos and a Quiz invite that is worth accepting. River cheers to you all~ jane

Mama MERGANSER keeping an eye on her brood…

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