allowing to be…

Dear River Friends,

RED-tailed HAWK

I was down by the Riverside Ave. bridge, trying to ignore the CROWS’ ‘attack-the-Hawk’ calls. That is quite difficult, because those sounds are annoyingly penetrating since they are meant to reach all CROWS far and wide. The screeches are action announcement to stop any activity and hurry on over to menacingly bomb dive a RAPTOR until it leaves. The sounds were coming closer. I looked up just as a RED-tailed HAWK flew in my direction. I expected it to head for the telephone pole below the bank. So it surprised me when it decided on a tricky crash-landing into the tree next to me. After chasing the CROWS away with my owl hiss I looked at the HAWK, who was jammed into the thick tree foliage in an ‘eagle spread’ position. The branch jungle didn’t provide enough open space for the folding of the wide wings. The HAWK dealt with vulnerable situation by twisting and turning until the wings were properly tucked down. Then it was time to take a thorough survey of my exterior and interior being. It felt like it was seeing things I don’t even know about myself. Whatever the RED-tailed HAWK saw put it at ease, so I sat down slowly and enjoyed our peaceful time together…

AMERICAN COOT taking a levee walk…

To-day my visit with you is short, because I want to allow myself time to go through the grieving process of losing the Ranger Program. It was eliminated at the City Council’s budget meeting by the City Police Department. This means that the Parks and Open Spaces will be without their guardians, who stood up to assure environment and human safety. I’ll be back in 2 weeks with a soothed heart, ready to share my river tales with you. Until then be sure to visit the river, because it loves your company~ jane

2 thoughts on “allowing to be…

  1. Dear Jane ~ Thank you for the Red-tailed hawk story. Through your written description, I could see the whole event. And thankfully the hawk was okay. The crow population is out of control, due to the easy pickings of human garbage everywhere, not just along the levy but in residential streets where food waste is also easy pickings, just as it is for gulls. French fries, take out food of all kinds is pervasive.

    I especially liked the photo of little miss Coot taking a stroll on the riverwalk. I also grieve the loss of the Ranger Program. Now health and safety for nature and humans is further jeopardized. Take care, mend well and then return to us with your uplifting observations and stories.


    1. Jean, that’s such a heartening comment! I always hope that the moment of awe & delight comes through in the posts. The hardest situations to describe are the ones that make me smile or laugh, which actually happens frequently. Thanks for you blog response~ jane


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