sweet and wet…

Good Morning Barbara & River Fans,

ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRD toeing the sign…

I kept wondering what people thought of us as they were driving past us…We had our great event on Saturday morning, which was hosted by Karlee & Lindsay, 2 interns of the Watershed Stewardship Program in partnership with AmeriCorps, serving at the NOAA SW Fisheries Science CenterNOAA. Part of their program was to host an event of 60 volunteers. Yes, that is right: 60! So what people saw were all these volunteers working in the pouring rain from the Laurel St to Riverside Ave. bridge. Personally I thought that was mind-blowing awesome, especially considering that we all maintained our high spirits. Looking around I saw the volunteers working, talking, laughing as the rain dripped off their bodies. Some of the task proved to be a patience challenge as Brian his crew found out and any of you, who ever attempted to remove Pampas Grass, will understand what they were up against.

our partial tool stash…

The other incredible event part was the co-working/organizing that took place with a variety of people. It’s hard to not get gushy and mushy as I tell you that ‘my’ Park & Rec. Staff~Leslie Keedy, Mike Godsy, Jordan, Lori~ did a laudable job of walking that extra 100miles to create a successful event plus Mike did impressive work at his station and kept a guiding eye on all of us.






Then there is Linda, my cohort for the Valley Women’s Club Estuary Project. She generously brought the Valley Women’s Club AmeriCorps Team to the event although they are working on plenty of other projects. The Valley Women’s Club Board jumped in to make food donations possible. The Conservation Committee of the Santa Cruz County Group of the Sierra Club voted to co-sponsor the event. And then there are my friends Dan and Sue, who are familiar with our Estuary work. Their presence was essential to help out in some ‘now what?’ moments. And Dan untangled me when I was twisting myself in knots with choosing locations for plants on Friday plus he brought the plants early on Saturday morning. Then there are the people from Central Coast Wilds Nursery, who so patiently put up with my time consuming plant hand picking. Jessica is my plant saint: she walks the plant aisles with me, points out plant possibilities, helps me pick out the perfect natives plus she joined us on Saturday. As you can tell: It was a magnificent crew that created a marvelous event.

some of the awesome event volunteers…

You might like to join us this Saturday ~the 16th @ 9am-11am~ for our ongoing Estuary Project day. We’ll be at E. side of the Riverside Ave. bridge. Click here for more details.                                                                                          This was so magic: I connected with Mark, a AmeriCorps member from New Jersey, because he is a birder. I told him about our river OSPREY and he said he would love to see it. Jokingly I said that maybe the Osprey would show for him. I was working at an other station and looking up I saw the Osprey circling above the river. I told the group that I was sorry that Mark wasn’t with us. Later Mark told me with shiny eyes that he had seen the Osprey. I was so happy for him and thanked the Osprey for its appearance.
Right now there is only 1 female COMMON GOLDENEYE left on the lower river. I wonder if she is the same one that stayed with us during last year’s Summer. Remember? She had an injury and couldn’t leave with the others.
The PELAGIC CORMORANT has been putzing around the Riverside Ave. bridge, looking mighty fine with his white breeding markings, which you have mentioned before. The other day he was sitting close to an other PELAGIC CORMORANT and I am hoping that they were discussing their parent future. Wouldn’t it be great to see their babies on our river?                       The PEREGRINE is only in the early morning in the Trestle trees. The Falcon isn’t taking kindly to the construction work, because it puts a kink in his meals: the PIGEONS don’t perch on the Trestle during construction work. I have seen the PEREGRINE hanging out in a tree a couple of blocks away from the river.

Sending sunny chirps to all of you, jane

Peregrine in the early morning…

5 thoughts on “sweet and wet…

  1. Incredible teamwork! What dedicated and caring (and hearty) volunteers. So exciting to see this. And Pampas Grass! Is it ever awful — along the high embankments of Hwy 1 throughout Big Sur and north. Not to mention along Graham Hill Rd. more locally. We had to remove a huge clump when we moved here with a back hoe! Talk about roots. So glad our local estuary will be healthier. Thank you so much.


    1. Thanks for the cheer, Nancy! Pampas grass buckles strong men’s knees, I have found out. Actually a plant that makes you go for mechanical equipment unless you have lots of patience & time. The roots must stretch to the other side of the world!! Take care & thanks for the thumb up, jane


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