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A Pleasant Good Morning Barbara,

You are going to love this: After 4 yrs. the San Lorenzo River Paddling issue is off the river water table according to City Council Member Chris Krohn & CWC spokesperson Laurie Eagan. The local and migratory San Lorenzo River bird population gets to enjoy a paddler free river life.

juv. STELLER’S JAY(googled)

Last Thursday I had 2 “Well, that’s a first” bird incidents on top of each other. The first scenario was with a STELLER’S JAY, hopping towards me on the Trestle bird feasting on Boardwalk treats. The yellow beak corners broadcasted its ‘teenage’ phase. We both stopped and starred at each other. I expected the juv. STELLER’S JAY to take off, but instead it skipped nearer to scrutinize me further. When it was about one foot away, it flew up on the railing, inching closer as it gazed curiously at me. It was such a peculiar sensation to have this young bird move towards me as its mohawk feather-do got rearranged by the wind. An approaching cyclist interrupted our budding relationship, causing the JAY to take one last look at me and fly off…

juv. WESTERN gull  with intricate feather design

The next interaction involved a WESTERN gull Mama and her 2 offsprings. I had stopped to admire her broods detailed, intricate feather design and she decided to take offense to my ogling at her ‘kids’, took to the sky, made her displeasure known by bomb diving me. Thus I received the same treatment that ticked off gulls dish out to HAWKS and let me tell you: it’s really unsettling! I couldn’t believe it when the Mama gull topped it off by coming at me, because I dared to look at them from way across the river.

bomb diving.png
bomb diving MAMA…

Tai Moses & I took a slow paced walk along the river, talking about how we enjoy nature and what an amazing opportunity the river offered since wildlife exists all around us. We met at her book reading of “Zooburbia” and I was enthralled by her love story with urban wildlife. Her comment on wildlife continuously adjusting to humans intrusion while humans fail to adjust to coexist with urban wildlife went straight to my heart. Have you heard about ‘Santa Cruz Raptors Are The Solution’? As its Santa Cruz Chapter Director she educates our community that Raptors are a much better rat control approach than poison, which greatly harms wildlife. Her point was became crystal clear when we soaked in the view of a gloriously beautiful RED-shouldered HAWK, sitting right in front of us in a tree while behind us 2 rat poison boxes sat on the bank bottom along the Front St. building. We instantly worried that the HAWK might pick up a poisoned rodent and agreed how important her work is.

gloriously beautiful RED-shouldered HAWK

And talking about Front St.: the EIR for the Downtown Recovery Plan is out. This addresses the amendments for the Front St. development along the San Lorenzo River from Laurel St. to Soquel bridge. The intended development is monstrous plus it will totally change the character along the river. To get an idea about the proposed concept check out the current development at the end of Pacific Ave. and Front St. as you head towards Ohlone Park. So here is your chance to make your voice heard: comment on the EIR and submit them by Sept. 8th. And don’t be shy, because if something stands out for you it’s worth a comment.

ditching the fish robber…

I love Monday mornings, when the river wildlife takes a deep of breath of tourist relief and picks up its normal life rhythm again. The CORMORANT is trying to ditch the fish robber, the COMMON MERGANSER family is trolling the river for fish, Mama MALLARD and duckling taking an undisturbed nap, the GREEN HERON is taking a stroll along the bank, the PEREGRINE is hunting for PIGEONS by the trestle and Mama TOWHEE is sitting quietly w/her fledgling in the bush.

 morning snooze…

River life is good on Monday morning greeting, jane

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