Good Morning Barbara,
Boy… oh boy! What a vegetation friendly change you have accomplished for the Flood Control Work! I can’t wait to see your restoration patch around your saved trees, which will be a fine testimony of your citizen initiative. And of course I was thrilled to read about Gary’s WESTERN TURTLE find.

CASPIAN TERN listening to no paddle news
CASPIAN TERN listening to no paddle news

I am sure you already know, the City called off the 2016 Coastal Watershed Council’s Paddler Pilot Program. The lagoon was compromised by 4 river mouth breaches this season. To be honest I am somewhat mystified about the repeated breaches, because I don’t remember so many in one summer. Since one of the Pilot Program stipulations is a closed river mouth, the City felt the unstable condition warranted the Pilot Program delay. For now I am enthralled to know that the GREEN HERON can peacefully perch in the tule, the migratory CASPIAN TERNS can dive unperturbed for river fish, the WESTERN SANDPIPERS can zip unruffled along the shore, the late breeding MALLARD Mamas can take their brood leisurely on a water stroll, because no paddlers will be disturbing their river home…

littered Riverside Ave. bridge
littered Riverside Ave. bridge

Right after the NO Paddle announcement the sad levee murder happened, which is very upsetting on many levels. The levee druggy hang out and trash situation had been escalating over the summer. The citizen attempt to draw City Departments attention to that situation didn’t achieve the hoped for results. Isn’t it time that the City forms a levee Task Force including people, who are familiar with the issues on a first hand basis? The Task Force findings would greatly benefit from the ” boots on the ground” perspective of levee Police Officers/Rangers, maintenance crew members, levee frequenters, homeless advocates, County Health workers for the mentally ill. Isn’t it time to come to the table and face some hard, difficult, honest work for a positive levee change?


Oi vey… all the recent river news required a break from my brain, which called for a river visit to let nature do her calming magic. Sitting on the shore by the Trestle, these 6 little birds in the shoreline mesmerized me: they dashed around together, then in unison changed direction, then one started preening, the others instantly followed suit. Observing their synchronized movements I was enchanted with their graceful harmony that I didn’t notice the young man next to me, who was watching them as well. We birdwatchers tend to dive right into our arsenal of sighting delights and he managed to awe me with seeing a FORESTER’s TERN by the river mouth. We decided the little water dashers were WESTERN SANDPIPERS, dropping in from their Alaska migratory journey. We bonded over the amusing little WESTERN SANDPIPERS until he had to rush off to work.

unison preening...
unison preening…

A SURF SCOOTER was taking it easy by the Trestle bridge until a juvenile COMMON MERGANSER suddenly surfaced right next to him. It propelled the flustered SURF SCOOTER into a quick dive from which he came up, scouting for the trickster, who had gone under water again. Swimming along, believing himself safe, he was proven wrong by the water coyote, who popped up in front of him, causing an other SURF SCOOTER dive. They repeated these interactions several times. Could they have been playing with each other?

wild rose blossom(googled)
wild rose blossom(googled)

And here is a quick update on my little Wild Rose/Coyote Bush survivors, who are growing well. When I met with the East Zone Supervisor Andrew and the SC arborist Leslie to discuss a Willow bush, we also addressed the little feisties. After some trio-alogue, Andrew agreed to inform the mower operator about the plants location and lift the blades to void them. I could have kissed Andrew and Leslie…

river mouth remodel...
river mouth remodel…

Be sure to check out the latest river mouth remodel: bulldozers are segment blocking the rogue river. Is the City preparing for a controlled breach?
lower river flux greetings, jane

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