Dear President Obama & World Leaders of the Climate Change Conference,

I admit that I had this irrational hope, that you would phone/e-mail to ask me what climate change I was experiencing on my frequent Nature walks in this tiny part of the planet. You see, I figured that you and the World Leaders realized, that your job is filled with endless indoor meetings, hectic flight schedules, little/no sleep, bad food, tricky digestion, endless headaches, difficult topics. This caused you to become aware that Nature had faded for you into abstract statistics, political issues due to no time to watch/know nature on a regular first hand basis.

So you would decided to consult average little me what Climate was changing in my reality. I would have told you that “ not all is well in the State of Nature” this fall season.

San Lorenzo River blooming plum tree
San Lorenzo River blooming plum tree

I would have told you that the plum tree down by the San Lorenzo River bank was in bloom last month, that the other day CROWS were flitting through the air with nesting material in their beaks,Male ELEGANT TERN COURTING that the male ELEGANT TERN was trying to convince a baffled female that mating season had arrived, that the male MERGANSER impressed an open minded female with his breeding plumage, that a male AMERICAN COOT was demonstrating breeding territory behavior, that fish are moving into our river from far off places.

Male Merganser in breeding plumage
Male Merganser in breeding plumage

These are just itsy examples from a much longer list. And you know what? On a conscious or/and subconscious level we humans do notice/sense that Nature is off kilter. This creates an unease/ache in us since we yearn for the well-being of our most important planet guide, who is our teacher, healer, nourisher, life giver:   NATURE

Nature thanks you for your courageous help greeting

jane mio

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  1. Dear Jane, We love you for following your heart and mind. Your Citizen Science data was well documented. It made Dan take off for our cliffs to check on the BlackOystercatchers. He reports that they were doing their usual winter thing by hanging out together. He saw 32 on one rocky outcropping. We’ve seen some pairs around but they were just foraging. No rock tossing, which is the sign that there is nest building on their minds. Keep us posted on the the terns, crows, and mergansers. A month ago I was shocked to see an acacia, in all its sneezable glory, a full 3 months early. Marcia & Dan

    1. Hi Marcia, wait a minute…did I get this right? The Black Ostercatchers are flirting w/nest building? Isn’t that an unusual time for them to consider that concept? I so love what you & Dan are doing for the Black Ostercatchers up in Ft. Bragg! & that brings me to my chirpy hope: that you tell me more about them, because I REALLY want to write about you, Dan & your Black Ostercatchers. I’ll will defiantly keep you in the bird loop. Nature seems to be almost a season off, which makes my “what is going on” antennas wiggle like crazy. Much amore to you & Dan from your jane

      1. Hi Jane, No the BLOY are NOT tossing rocks. ( nesting behavior). They’re just eating little crabs and Mussels together. It is not nesting behavior. Most of them are hanging around in large groups like last winter. We shall monitor them and be aware of our other birds, though. Lots of Lesser Goldfinches in their drab-wear. Love, Marcia

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