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Good Morning Barbara,

After we saw the PIED-BILLED GREBE Mama on her nest, I wondered what other August nests might be hiding along the San Lorenzo River, which we are unaware of. If it hadn’t been for your fortunate nest discovery, we wouldn’t have the proof that nesting period extends into late Summer. Your attachment to the well-being of “your” little flock, is a fine testimony to how human wildlife stewardship unfolds. You have become a mighty force on their behalf & I cheer exuberantly for “your” fledgling.

As you know: on August 17th the City & several agencies joined their efforts to execute a well orchestrated San Lorenzo River mouth breach. This breach followed the careful worked out instructions, which the City & agencies had hammered out over a long time( leaving all sides often at wit ends) in order to prevent the previous, disastrous, abrupt Seaside Co. breaches. Their actions had resulted in the river draining too quickly, sucking the water out at high speed, leaving the fish gasping along the drained river bed. Not a pretty sight! and a clear sign, that the Seaside Co. has little wildlife awareness/knowledge & needed guidance.

So…watching the procedure from the Trestle bridge & cliff over look, I admit: I was thrilled to witness the City, Seaside Co. & agencies co-ordinated their watershed knowledge and huge equipment to carefully protect the San Lorenzo River wildlife habitat. Of course my next thought was: “YES! let this be the new standard: make the impossible possible by excellent, vigilant co-working to benefit the San Lorenzo River habitat.”

Me being me, I was convinced that the mystery GOOSE, standing guard close to the action, guaranteed the successful outcome. Naturally I also worried that the guard GOOSE was injured and couldn’t escape, but one hour later, it was gone, obviously having accomplished its mission. And the question remains: Was it a juv. CANADA or CACKLING GOOSE?


As you know, I have joined the San Lorenzo River Leveelies a few times in their twice a week Riverway clean-ups. This gives me a deep respect for what they do: in conjunction with the maintenance crew they clean the levee for the Santa Cruz community.

Janet Fardette, the unsung hero
Janet Fardette, the unsung hero

Janet Fardette is the “unsung hero” ( as my friend claims) of the group and keeps the City Depts. on their toes as where/ what needs their attention. She and I agreed that this task mimics dirty dishes chore: as soon as done, dirty dishes show up again. It’s easy to forget the achievement of all the previous solved issues ( which are many!), feel overwhelmed by repetitive clean-ups. Observing the stupor state of some “ levee regulars” as they watch us with blank expression pick up trash right next to them, my human kindness level was sinking drastically low. I remedied that by asking 2 men to retrieve some litter for me, which they did for some time. So what if one of the man refused to throw his gathered trash away, because he was sure his friends could use it. It made me smile, because he was taking the recycling motto to a new level.

river greetings to you,


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