As you know, I have been so very busy with the Pilot Program Advisory Group(AG) meetings, which the City Council put into motion on 3/10/15. This necessitated extra little visits to the San Lorenzo River to air out my churning brain. Having observed last year how river birds reacted to paddlers, made me advocated fiercely and at times fiery for them until my hair hurt. Alas, the AG majority cast their vote in favor of recommending a Pilot Program(PP) to the City Council on Tues. 6/23/15 @ approx. 3pm for a potential ongoing Paddle Program. I am sure this news makes your wildlife concerns feathers stand straight up and you’ll want to read more about the 6/23/15 AGENDA  (scroll to 32). Plus you might feel the urge to ask the river birds to show up for the City Council meeting and screech their potential homeless future outrage in the Chambers. Since they can’t, let’s face it: we  have to stand in for them and  fly our wildlife concerns e-mails to  City Council <citycouncil@cityofsantacruz.com>

. And No! I won’t hold you back from shouting this news from the roof tops and urge everybody to protect our feathered community members via City Council e-mails. Au contraire:  it would make me dance on the San Lorenzo River levee to hear your roof top voice calling for action. So…okay! It’s hard to imagine that the City Council, who is responsible for upholding the human & environmental Santa Cruz interest, would allow the possible invasive, harmful New Zealand Mudsnail (NZMS) infestation to spread to other County waterbodies due to uncleaned paddler equipment. At this point the NZMS  is raging like a water wildfire in the San Lorenzo River. And this makes me wonder where is CDFW when the fish need them, because the NZMS impacts the endangered COHO & STEELHEAD food supply. Have to tell you this: a while back my friend in Germany asked me why an environmental organization would promote San Lorenzo River paddling, which obviously would impact wildlife. Wasn’t that a contradiction? Ever since then I have been asking myself the same question….

I could go on and on about the PPP issue, but I just have to tell quickly about the PEREGRINE in the trestle trees, who has been hanging out there in the morning for the last 2 weeks, departing around 9 am after its intense terrain survey. As I ascend the path and look up, I see those penetrating eyes watching me, which makes me wonder if the Falcon recognizes me by now.

penetrating eyes
penetrating eyes

I love the PEREGRINE self- assured presence, which just exudes the message: “ I am majestically fabulous”, which is true considering that it can reach 200 mph during a hunting stoop. Just think how the PEREGRINE was almost extinct due to human wildlife  ignorance  and was saved because other people stepped up to correct the ignorance.  As you know, birds aren’t dumb and the PEREGRINES have figured out that paddlers flush birds right into their talons. The paddlers are becoming the PEREGRINE’s new, best friends as was demonstrated at last year’s Paddler Pilot Event with the unfortunate death of the juv. GREEN HERON.

look at those talons
look at those talons

And now I need to go to the San Lorenzo River levee before the Boardwalk opens up.I long to soak up the river’s quiet, sweet, calming magic it offers us.

… see jane go greetings

PS : will post later more info. in “links”so check back


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