New Beginnings

Dear Barbara We have been talking about telling our San Lorenzo River musings & with a New Year lets dive into our blog adventure! So here I plunge into our posting pond on a beautiful sunny day. The river birds must have been of the same opinion, because the river & its banks were full of feathered delights. There were 12 Western Grebes relaxing by the the Trestle bridge, while 8 female Common Mergansers were busy fishing. The Kingfisher was sitting on the wire, which crosses over the river & looked like he was floating in mid air. P1010994This is the spot from which he keeps close watch on the upstream Kingfisher, who tries to expand his habitat by coming down stream. Sometimes they bomb dive each other, chase each other up & down the river banks announcing their displeasure with each other with their tell-tale call. Their flight acrobatics are just amazing to watch= quick split seconds turns, gaining height fast, diving at high speed that it is tricky to follow them. I saw one of my regular levee walkers & she asked me to take a look at the Kingfisher, because yesterday she saw him sitting in a bush by the river & it looked like he had blood on his chest. She was worried about him & was greatly relieved when I told her that I didn’t see any blood on his chest. We talked about how we get to know our birds & how we get concerned about their welfare when we see them injured or display distress behavior. Over a few years she has taken many photos of the San Lorenzo River Wildlife & I told her that she should post them on: Jane

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  1. Hi Jane!

    I found your blog and it’s lovely. I look forward to hearing more about your sightings and hope to cross paths soon.

    See you on the levee!
    Hollie (and Albert)

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